Seico is a technology provider for contractors in the field of pipe rehabilitation. We specialize in the development of new equipment and lining technologies for the rehabilitation of pipes and manholes with a strong focus of non-accessible wastewater and potable water infrastructure.

Pipe Rehabilitation

Today a majority of cities is facing a significant challenge in wastewater infrastructure asset management. A large part of the current infrastructure was built after the second World War in the 50's - 70's and is at or nearing its end of life. In the mean time the society has evolved in such a way that the socio-economic impact of public works in densely populated area's is no longer tolerated and any hindrance must be strictly limited. Breaking up a road in the city centre to replace a sewer conduct is only considered as a last resort.

In the last few decades the industry has strongly invested in the development trenchless rehabilitation techniques (pipe bursting, U-liners, GVK panels, Cipp liners, etc ...) which have been adopted by the city authorities to increase the lifecycle of sewer conducts. However, all of the state of the art methods are custom one-off products that require a large lead time and upfront planning, resulting in high costs and low execution flexibility. Therefore these technologies are not suited for large scale implementation as required for the market.

Seico is a young and innovative company with a simple and ambitious goal: enhancing the life span of wastewater infrastructure on an industrial scale by developing and commercializing a new and innovative technique. This technique is categorized as a SIPP lining technology (sprayed in place lining), which is known in the water-, chemical- and oil-and gas sector for applying epoxy based coatings on the interior of pipes. Application of SIPP technology in a sewer environment is however a whole different story with different boundary conditions.

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